Christmas Card Recycling Program


St. Jude’s Ranch for Children has a program that recycles Used Greeting Cards!  Simply send them all of your used Christmas Cards or Any Occasion Cards.  The children participate in making new recycled cards by removing the front of the card and attaching a new back made with recycled paper!


Send your used cards to:

St. Jude’s Ranch for Children

Card Recycling Program

100 St. Jude Street

Boulder City, NV  89005


Another way you can participate in this Eco-Friendly Program is to purchase your Recycled Cards from St. Jude’s Ranch for Children!


Cards for sold in packets of 10 for $8.00 and are available in the following categories:

  • General Christmas Cards
  • Religious Christmas Cards
  • Easter Cards
  • Birthday Cards
  • Thank You Cards
  • All Occasion General Greeting Cards


Orders may be placed by any of these methods:

  • Email
  • Phone 1-800-492-3562
  • Send your request and donation to:

St. Jude’s Ranch for Children

Attn: Donor Office

                   P.O. Box 60100

Boulder City, NV  89006-0100


u are s�gig��P�looking online first. You can even go to specific store’s websites and determine the exact item you want to buy.  Not only does this help you save gas, but it also makes you more organized so you don’t forget to buy a gift for someone.



Eco-friendly Christmas gifts should be efficient and practical.  Even if the person you’re buying for is not the most environmentally friendly person, there are green gift ideas that can work for them.  For example, treat them to a special event like a concert, musical, dinner, museum, etc.  While these gifts are not something tangible, they make memories.


Speaking of memories, creating an album of photos and writings would be a more endearing gift for a friend than any object you could buy.


In these times of tight budgets, maybe it’s a good year to “do” something for a friend rather than to “buy” them something.  Offer to help them clean out their garage, watch their children for a night, pet sit while they are away for the holidays, split logs for their fireplace, etc.  This is a great idea for older relatives who seem to have everything they need already!  Many of your family members may actually appreciate something “done” for them rather than receiving a gift.


Gift baskets can be very affordable if you make them yourself.  Personalize them with little things that remind you of your relationship with them.


When you peruse the aisles, look for items made from recyclable material and natural fibers.  Another option is to do a good thing for the environment in your friend or family member’s name.  For example, adopt an animal, plant a tree, donate money to their favorite organization, etc.


Eco-friendly Christmas gifts have the ability to increase awareness, and there are so many gift options that you can find the perfect ones for each and every person on your list.  It might take a little extra planning and research on your part, but eco-friendly presents can make the world a better place.