Replacing and Recycling


Are you expecting a new DVD player for Christmas?…..a new TV?…..a new computer?  Hmmmm….” Now, what to do with my old one?”…..I’VE GOT AN IDEA!!!!  Let’s recycle it!  The old saying is “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” (Be aware of what items ARE needing to head to the curb for the trash, and what items might be a real blessing for someone in need.)


Your local Staples Store will receive and recycle most electronic products.  (They require a $10 donation.)


Consider this FREE way to Recycle your used Electronics!  The Household Chemical Waste Collection Facility has a Recycling Drop and Swap Program!

Household Chemical Waste Collection Facility,

3255 Akers Drive

in Colorado Springs.  Open Monday – Thursday, 7:00 am – 5:00 pm.  Call 520-7878 for information.  Website:


Many products brought to the El Paso County Household Chemical Waste Collection Facility are re-usable so a program was developed to make these reusable products available for FREE to the residents of El Paso and Teller Counties!  Drop off electronic items you are no longer using!  (A donation of non-perishable food for Care & Share is encouraged.)


ELECTRONICS RECYCLING (Items with a “circuit board and a cord”):

COMPUTER COMPONENTS:  Laptops, monitors, CPUs, keyboards, mouse, printers, scanners; TELEVISION SETS (up to 19” diagonal screen); CELL PHONES; DIGITAL CAMERAS; PAGERS; PDAs; FAX MACHINES; STEREO / VIDEO COMPONENTS  – Amplifiers, receivers, tuners, VCR and DVD players, personal music devices, video cameras.


The “Fine Print”:

– Any citizen of El Paso or Teller County over the age of 18 can take any of the products offered on the Drop & Swap shelves.

– All products are offered FREE of charge.

– The El Paso County Environmental Services Department, Solid Waste Management Division, makes every effort to offer only new, clean, usable products on the Drop & Swap shelves but they cannot guarantee the integrity, safety, usability, or effectiveness of the products — you take them at your own risk.

– A Release Form must be signed when taking any products from the Drop & Swap shelves.